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National Scientific's Tools for BioTechnology:  Simply the Best

Have you noticed how competition for available dollars seems to create ever increasing demands on your research? Yet you can't afford to cut corners and put your work in jeopardy. You still want to be the very best you can be. That's how we feel here at National Scientific. We've always believed that quality matters. We don't think you want us to relax our standards!

In fact, everyone at National Scientific makes a conscious effort to support our Total Quality Commitment program. It demands a lot of effort to introduce new products into the market, but you know they will function properly as designed. When it comes to manufacturing tools for biotechnology, we focus daily on being simply the best...



The Next Generation

Searching for excellence can lead to change, both in your lab and in the tools we design to improve your procedures. Mid 1980's, we introduced the UniFit (universal-fitting pipet tip) concept, which soon became the biotech research lab standard. Today, we are continuing the tradition by introducing the next generation of UniFit pipet tips in premium packaging at unbeatable-value prices.

Molded from pliable polypropylene, these may be the straightest, clearest, and best-fitting pipet tips available. LFR™ Low Fluid Retention tips ensures virtually zero fluid retention for users like you who you need complete accuracy and consistent reproducibility. Premium MiniRacks™ and MiniStacks™ are so sturdy that you will never again have trouble mounting tips on your multi-channel pipettor. Versatile new DispenserPacks™ may be the very best bulk packaging you've ever seen.

This next generation isn't only about better products or premium packaging. Sure, we have been using advanced technology and Class A diamond-polished molds to manufacture these products since the beginning, and our new packaging designs are ingenious. But, it's our state-of-the-art molding plant and stringent Quality Management System that allow us to remain on the cutting edge. Thus you get the highedt value for your money. Put simply, in biotech research lab disposables, its your best value!

How to buy our products?

Most of our products are available from Fisher Scientific, or VWR International, as well as from many independent lab supply dealers worldwide. If you don't see National Scientific Supply-brand products pictured in their catalogs, just ask for them by name. Alternatively, we accept your PO On-Line using major credit cards. See "All Products" pages for details.



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