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  • Ideal Tip design for loading electrophoresis gels

  • Different shaped ends for various gel apparatus

  • UniFit designs to fit all 200µl pipettes

Universal-fitting MicroFlex Gel-Loading Pipette Tips are designed for sample loading of electrophoresis gels. They provide positive-displacement accuracy and reproducibility using Pipetman, Eppendorf, and most other single channel air-displacement pipettors.

RNase/DNase-free MicroFlex Tips comprise three styles, each featuring a flexible, 33mm long, 5µl microcapillary tube sections:

  • Round-shaft Tip, with 0.57mm OD tube end – these greatly improve loading techniques for 0.75, 1.0 and 1.5mm PAGE gels
  • Intermediate 0.37mm OD flat Tip is ideal for loading 0.4mm sequencing gels
  • Ultra-thin 0.17mm OD ultra-flat Tip is perfect for loading 0.2mm wedge-spacer gels

MicroFlex Gel-Loading Pipette Tips are not suitable for use with multichannel pipettors, and neither should they be autoclaved.

Macro Volume Tips

Macro Volume tips are for use with 5ml and 10ml pipettors. These tips are designed for Eppendorf, Socorex, Biohit, Gilson and Rainin style pipettors. Tips are available in bags or in racks