TIP PACKAGING OPTIONS 2017-03-09T16:42:51+00:00

BULK_1000 Tips. Self standing bag. 10 Bags per case

  • Bulk bags – these nylon bags are self-standing and include resealable Zip-Locks for convenience

  • Utilizes thick, durable nylon base for puncture-resistance

  • Incorporates a wide gusset to enable self-standing, and so allow single-handed access to the contents

  • Heat-sealed above the Zip-Lock closure, ensures product integrity and cleanliness down to the last tip

RACKED_96 Tips per tray. 10 Hinged lid racks per pack. 5 Packs per case

  • Easy open-close hinged or removeable lift-off lids

  • Extremely strong, SBS format, non-flexing platform for manual or automated multichannel pipetting

  • Recessed wells to ensure perfect tip alignment — perfect for multichannel pipettes use

  • Autoclavable

STACKED_96 Tips per tray. 5 Stacked trays with lift-off lid. 2 Stacks per pack. 5 Packs per case

  • Ideal for applications requiring intensive tip use

  • Simply use the top tray and discard when empty to access the next level of 96 tips

  • Perfect for space restricted work environments eg safety hood

  • Environmentally friendly – reduces plastic waste

  • Autoclavable

RELOAD STACKS_96 Tips per tray. 10 Stacked trays with hinged lid per pack. 5 Packs per case

  • Cost-effective

  • Environmentally friendly – reduces plastic waste by up to 50% over traditional tip racks

  • Space saving – both for lab bench and also in shipping and storage

  • Ten nested tip trays are stacked on an open BoxBase, with the unique Hinged Lid on the top tray

  • Autoclavable